Pontypridd man left birthday card on floor for 3 months because the envelope said ‘Do Not Bend’ on it

A Pontypridd man has left one of his birthday cards on his hallway floor after reading ‘Do Not Bend’ on the envelope.

Kevin Dullard couldn’t find any way of picking the card up off the floor without bending down to pick it up.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I had a lovely birthday about three months ago but this one card came through the post and it said ‘Do Not Bend’ written in very large letters on it. I tried picking it up with a pointy stick and at one point, I asked my wife to do it and she told me to stop being a lazy shit and to pick it up myself. In the end, I got the end of the hoover on it and picked it up. It wasn’t worth all the suspense in the end because it was from an uncle of mine who’s a real dickhead. It went straight in the bin.”

His wife Gaynor said:

“My husband’s a lazy shit. I’m selling him on EBay. Do you want him? I’m selling him for a fiver.”

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