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Polish workers say they can have Big Ben finished by Tuesday

Polish workers from Poland have told the UK Government that it can have the Big Ben renovation done by Tuesday.

The expected time for the renovation was put at 4 years but Yudi Nikabolokov said that the official timeframe was a load of bollocks.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“4 years? Are you kidding me? Throw £200 our way and me and the lads can have it done by Tuesday. All that we ask is that we are allowed to work through the night, with no extra pay, and maybe a few packets of Hob Nobs thrown in. I don’t know who the original contractors are but they’re clearly milking it for every penny.”

Renovation firm Bells End Renovation said that they had a lot of work to do.

Boss Martin McSly said:

“Yeah, we’ve got loads to do. We’ve got to polish it and that. It’s a big bell. This kind of stuff takes time.”

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