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Polish workers can have Trump’s wall done by Thursday


Polish workers hoping to secure a contract on Donald Trump’s wall have said that they can get it built by Thursday.

Antov Nockabolokov, Chairman of the Polish Workers’ Union said that his lads could have the job done in time for Emmerdale.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“Our boys work proper, you know? No turning up late, no sneaking off for a fag, no toilet breaks, working till the job gets done. We’ve got two lads to will each take 350 miles of wall each. Both will start at the middle and work their way outwards to the ends. They won’t stop for nothing. We’ve worked out some calculations and we reckon that they could have the wall done by teatime Thursday, which would be great because we can get to see Thursday’s episode of Emmerdale. Should we come across any Mexican tunnels, they should be able to clear those out too.”

A spokesman for the White House said:

“We’ve received a quote from our Polish friends for building the wall. We will take a look at their offer but we’re still in the middle of querying how many people turned up at Mr Trump’s inauguration. We believe that the billions of people who turned up were simply airbrushed from history and the President is most displeased. We will be launching an investigation into how this happened and we will be publishing new photographs to prove that there were indeed billions of people at the inauguration. Hmpf.”
Image: LCPL Kevin C. Quihuis, Jr, USMC

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