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Polish fans go on rampage in France – 145 cars washed, 35 walls built and 19 boilers repaired

Polish fans have gone on the rampage in France, leaving cars washed, walls built and boilers fixed.

Police struggled to contain the fans, who insisted that they were only reacting to provocation.

French police commander Gerard Garlic told WalesOnCraic:

“We were sitting around having a coffee and a cigarette when this bunch of Polish people came flying around the corner. They looked prepared because they had buckets filled with water and sponges at the ready. Before anyone could react, they’d cleaned 17 cars and repaired two walls that were starting to show signs of disrepair. We shot some tear gas at them and then left them to it as some of our cars needed a wash. We’re off to watch the football now.”

Polish gang leader Anton ‘Jumbo’ Spongeski said:

“We were provoked. The state of their cars was shocking and the less said about their walls, the better.”

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