Police suspect foul play as Anglesey drifts out into Irish Sea

The Isle of Anglesey has broken free from the mainland and drifted 60 miles into the Irish Sea.

The island, used by people who don’t care where they live, broke free from its moorings of Britannia Bridge and Menai Bridge overnight. Police suspect foul play, pointing out that a few boats had also slipped their moorings in Holyhead.

PC Plod, Chief of Police told WalesOnCraic:

“Fe ddes i fyny yma y bore yma i pop i’r siop a’r lle wedi mynd. Yr wyf yn edrych allan i’r môr gyda fy telesgop ac roeddwn yn gallu gweld ei fod filltiroedd allan i’r môr. Anfonais y bechgyn drosodd yn yr hofrennydd ac maent yn cadarnhau fy ofnau – bod yr ynys wedi symud allan i’r môr.” [not sure what that means but we’ve quoted him anyway].

One islander called into to BBC Radio Wales to say that he’d gotten out of bed, only to discover that he was now nearer Ireland than Wales. Dafydd ap Daffydd said:

“It seems that someone has come along pissed and untied us from the mainland. It’s no bad thing really with the rugby coming up on Saturday because I think Ireland might pip it. Probably best we’re nearer them than Wales.”

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