Police called to Principality Stadium to investigate daylight robbery

Police have been called to the Principality Stadium after Wales was robbed of a glorious Six Nations win.

Police will be taking statements from 75,000 eyewitnesses who were at the stadium last night.

PC Harry Plod told WalesOnCraic:

“We can confirm that we received a call about 6.30pm last night from the Principality Stadium after a reported robbery. Our understanding is that Wales had a Six Nations win under their belt but this was taken from them with just a few minutes of the game left on the clock. We will be looking to take statements from people who were there and from people who were watching this on live television. Our chief suspect in this investigation is one Elliot Daly who was seen sniffing around the pitch for most of the game, but was last seen heading over the try line with the ball in his hand. We’ll be wanting to speak to him and Mike Brown, just to wind him up.”

One eyewitness said:

“I saw it with my own eyes. The win was ours – we thought we’d done enough to deserve it when all of a sudden, this cheeky chappy comes flying down the wing and dabs the ball over. It all happened right in front of us. He should have been arrested there and then. It’s a disgrace.”

Police expect to finish their investigations later today so that they can get back down the pub and drink themselves into oblivion.

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