Plumber turns up on time


A plumber from Cardiff has successfully turned up when he said he was going to.

Steven Youbend turned up at 8.30am on the dot, taking resident Gladys ThunderNorks off guard.

Gladys told WalesOnCraic:

“He told me 8.30am but I took that to mean ‘some time in the afternoon’. I was still in bed when I heard a knock at the door. At first, I thought I was dreaming but then the knock came again. I managed to get myself downstairs and open the door and there he was. I look at my watch and it was 8.30 on the dot. I wasn’t sure whether it was 8.30am or 8.30pm but he happily said Good Morning and then showed me his massive toolbox. Before I knew it, he was down on his knees fixing my plumbing before I could even make a coffee.”

Eyewitnesses have confirmed that the plumber did arrive at 8.30. Neighbour Jim James said:

“I always like to spy on Gladys because she has a very interesting life and I noted in my log book that this plumber turned up. It was only later when I played back the secret CCTV that I have installed in her house that I found out that he was on time. I was very impressed.”

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