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Piers Morgan unhappy that Trump’s phone calls are obtained illegally by press

Piers Morgan has spoken of his unhappiness that President Trump’s phone calls have been obtained illegally by the press.

The cockwomble said on Twitter that ‘The leaking of @realDonaldTrump’s phone call transcripts with world leaders is an absolute disgrace & very damaging to US national security.’

A spokesman for Mr Morgan told WalesOnCraic:

“Mr Morgan is furious that the press should get hold of these private phone conversations by illicit means. He cannot comprehend what a low life newspaper would do such a thing.”

A spokesman for the White House added:

“Mr Trump’s inauguration was the biggest one the world have EVER seen. Period. There were so many people there that the earth’s axis went out of kilter for a few hours. Everybody in the world attended. Even the ones up there in the International Space Station – even they did a low flyover so that they could attend. It’s true. All of it.”

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