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Petition calls for brighter mornings

A petition has been launched to persuade the Government to brighten up mornings.

The petition calls for an end to ‘grey, grizzly, gloomy and downright miserable-as-sh*t’ starts to the day.

Mandy LargeCrevice, who set up the petition, told WalesOnCraic:

“I’m sick to death of my alarm going off and me thinking it’s the middle of the night when in fact, it’s time for work. I throw open my curtains every morning, expecting to see a great sunrise to welcome me to my day. Instead I’ve got mist and drizzle and cat taking a dump on my lawn. This isn’t right. People in other parts of the world have it a lot better. It’s typical of our Government to provide us with the miserable-as-shit mornings so I’ve set up a petition. I’m hoping that people will share it on social media so that something can be done about this.”

Blodwyn ap Blowdyn of Wales First said:

“If we were to get in power, this is something we’d implement straight away. We’ll also freeze the price of Freddos and reintroduce milk into schools to prop up failing farms. That’s how much we care about this country.”

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