‘People Posting First Facebook Profile Pictures Reminds Us How Fat and Ugly Our Friends Have Become’ Says Welsh Public

Welsh Facebook users have told WalesOnCraic that people posting their first ever Facebook profile pictures only serves to remind us how old and ugly our friends have become over the years.

The trend of people posting their first profile pictures has peaked following some stupid-arsed status nominating people to post their first ever Facebook picture.

But Welsh Facebook users have said that they really, really couldn’t give a shit. Facebook user Jessica Bigclit told WalesOnCraic:

“I really, really couldn’t give a shit about other people’s first Facebook profile pictures. If anything, it serves as a reminder as to how old and ugly my friends have got over the years. I shan’t be posting mine. I used to be lush but now I’m a fat twat. I don’t want people pointing that out.”

Another Facebook user, Danny Stinkydick added:

“My first profile picture was of me when I was half-decent looking. Today, I just look like some wrinkled up turd. I shan’t be posting mine either and I would urge others not to post theirs either.”

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