People of Wales ‘couldn’t give two shits’ about new UK PM

The people of Wales have officially given Downing Street their verdict of the new incoming PM.

A fax was sent to Downing Street, officially declaring that the people of Wales couldn’t give two shits who was installed as PM.

Chairwoman of The Welsh People’s Think Tank told WalesOnCraic:

“We sent our fax at 6am this morning to let Downing Street know what we thought of the UK’s PM. We weren’t particularly keen on either of them to be honest – Thick Lizzy is still banging on about pork markets and Slimy Sunak was a bit of a snake. All in all, the people of Wales couldn’t care less – they’ll be voted out come the next General Election anyway.”

Truss and Sunak have been locked in a dreary leadership battle, that was ultimately decided by a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

The new PM will have a shitload of problems to deal with in their first few months of power.

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