Pencoed plumber who has ‘No Tools Left In Vehicle Overnight’ sticker on van keeps tools in vehicle overnight

A Pencoed plumber who has a ‘No Tools Left In Vehicle Overnight’ sticker on his van has been rumbled after his tools were found left in his vehicle overnight.

Gary Arsecleft, 37, keeps the notice on his van to keep tool thieves away. But when his wife Wendy went to get a pack of Giant Chocolate Buttons from the van to eat while watching Masterchef, she found a hammer and a drill in the back.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“That man promised me on our wedding day that he wouldn’t lie and there it was in black and white on his van. If I hadn’t left my Giant Chocolate Buttons in the van, I would never have known what a little lying twat he is. Thank God for Giant Chocolate Buttons. I want a divorce.”

Gary, who has been running his own business for 20 years told WalesOnCraic:

“I couldn’t give a shiny shite what she says. I always have that sign written on my van. The funny thing is that, tee hee, I ALWAYS keep my tools in my van overnight. It’s a trap, designed to keep the pesky thieves away. I’m so cocking clever.”

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