Owen Smith to become Zumba teacher in Barry

Failed Labour leader wannabe Owen Smith has decided to start a new career as a Zumba teacher in Barry.

Smith, who lost the leadership race to Jeremy ‘Terminator’ Corbyn, will take over the OAP classes on Wednesday afternoons at Coconuts Play Hall.

A spokesman for Mr Smith said:

“Our very brave and honourable challenger has decided to put the world of politics behind him. No one liked him much, he spoke a load of bollocks plus he was never going to win over the sycophantic Corbynites. Mr Smith has decided to take up a new post that will bring happiness and health to a new audience of people who actually appreciate him for what he stands for.”

OAP Doreen Leathercrotch, who attends Zumba said:

“I’m looking forward to seeing Mr Smith in some tight lycra. He’s a bit of a catch and I look forward to seeing his boa constrictor bouncing around the stage in his leotard.”

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