Out-of-date Bombay Badboy Pot Noodle at blame for Port Talbot blast

A steel worker’s reaction to an out-of-date Bombay Badboy Pot Noodle has reportedly been blamed for the fire at Port Talbot’s steel works this morning.

Reports on social media suggest that steel worker Jon Thundergunt had been reporting pains in his sphincter soon after he downed the super-hot Pot Noodle for breakfast.

Speaking from hospital, Jon told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d been meaning to have the Badboy for lunch yesterday because that’s when it went off. As it happens, I went to the local chippie for my lunch yesterday. When I left for work this morning, the only thing I had in my house that I could take to work was this gone off Pot Noodle. I thought I’d chance it. I felt a few twinges in my ileum not long after I’d eaten it. I went to the bathroom and all hell broke loose. I don’t remember much after that, apart from waking up in hospital.”

The subsequent fire has since been controlled by local fire crews. Jon is hoping to leave hospital after Loose Women has finished.

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