Oriental women getting tattooed with Welsh phrases ‘without understanding their meaning’

Oriental women are getting tattooed with Welsh phrases without any understanding of their meaning.

That’s according to celebrity Welsh stylist Justin LoveCock. He told WalesOnCraic:

“I went to Thailand last week to see the sights and I was taken aback by the amount of women there with Welsh phrases plastered all over them. The first one I saw said ‘Ay butt, chuck us a chip’ and then ten minutes later, I saw one with ‘I’ll be there now in a minute’ written all over her face. It’s obvious that these poor women are getting shit tattooed all over them without actually understanding what it actually means. Either that, or the Welsh Tourist Board has found a new way of penetrating the Asian market, as it were.”

Since LoveCock returned from Thailand, there have been other reports of other tattooed Welsh quotes. We would point them out here but we really can’t be arsed. It’s not even 9 o’clock yet on a Sunday morning and we’ve got stuff to do.

LoveCock hopes to return to Thailand once his rash has died down.

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