Optimist firmly put in her place by 2016

A woman with a positive outlook on life has been reduced to looking at life like the majority of the population by the past year.

Tammy Smiley’s optimistic outlook in January is now a long-forgotten, pie-in-the-sky pipe dream.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I bounded out of bed on January 1st because I had so many good intentions. I started my diet that morning, and planned the year ahead. It all looked so good. Then I made the mistake of turning the telly on. The first person I saw was David Dickinson. I thought I could get over that but then I put the news on. Lots of people were dead or dying. I turned it off and thought I’d cheer myself up by going on Facebook. Most of my friends were sharing stories of people dying or videos of animals being beaten to death. I turned my social media off and thought I’d go to the gym to work out but I caught sight of myself in the mirror and realised how much I’d eaten over Christmas. I went home and crawled back into bed. I emerged in August to see that the country had gone to shit so I went back to bed and didn’t get back up until just now. I found out that loads of famous people had died and then I realised that Donald Trump was using Twitter to incite World War 3. I’m now considering all my options.”

Tammy is also considering changing her name from Smiley to Not-So-Smiley.

“It really has been a shit year,” she added.

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