OFFICIAL: Taxi drivers can drive and park where they want

A government report has officially declared that taxi drivers can drive and park wherever they want.

It means that taxi drivers can now legally pull out sharply in front of other motorists, drive on the wrong side of the road and park on double yellow lines.

A spokesman for the Taxi Drivers Association of Some Bits of Wales said:

“This is great news and backs up all of the amazing stuff we’ve been doing over the years. I’ve always told our boys and girls that they have complete freedom of our roads and it’s nice for this to be recognised by the Government. We now no longer have to live in fear of being called ‘dickheads’ and ‘arseholes’, which will make our days a lot easier. In return, we just ask that passengers don’t ask what time we start and finish and whether we’ve been busy. That’s all we ask.”

A government spokesman said:

“It’s long been traditional for taxi drivers to park where they want. In fact, on the way to this very important meeting, my driver stopped on the middle of the M4 – just because he could. We’re now making sure that this privilege doesn’t go unnoticed.”

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