Official: bus drivers deliberately wait for motorists to overtake them before pulling out of bus stops

Bus drivers in Wales have admitted for the first time that they wait for motorists to overtake before deciding to pull out into traffic.

A poll of 300 bus drivers found that 100% of them wait until a motorist tries to pass before indicating to pull out.

Chief spokesperson of the Welsh Bus Federation, Reg Blakey told WalesOnCraic:

“We gets awfully bored driving the same routes every day. And between me and you, we don’t particularly like other people being on the road. That’s why we like to play games with them. We’ll pull over at a bus stop and pretend that we are waiting. Then, as soon as a car comes up behind us and tries to overtake, we’ll whack the indicator on and just pull out. If anyone toots at us, we’ll just give them the middle finger. They love all that.”

But other motorists are not happy with the survey’s findings, and are demanding that some bus drivers be giving driving lessons.

“I tried to overtake a bus in Newport this morning. The driver deliberately pulled into my lane, tried to run me off the road and then did donuts on the M4. They really need to be brought down a peg or two.”

Image: Seth Whales

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