Nothing happens after man leaves phone at home for three hours

Nothing has happened after a man accidentally left his mobile phone at home for more than three hours.

Gavin ‘The Gav’ Gavlar rushed back home to find that no one had called or even texted while he was out.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“It was only when I was out of the house that I realised that I’d left my phone there. I was in a meeting that I couldn’t get out of and it was a really important one too. I can’t remember a thing about the meeting and I’m not even sure what the outcome was – all I could do was worry about whether anyone was trying to contact me. I was sweating cobs I was and the end of the meeting couldn’t come quickly enough. I didn’t even bother saying turrah to anyone – I just dashed out, drove home at 100mph (don’t put that bit in as I’ve already got 9 points on my licence) and picked up my phone. Luckily, nothing had happened but I felt so much better once I had my phone back in my hand. Even the news headlines were the same as when I had left it so it was no biggy.”

Gavin’s wife said that it’s not something he’s likely to do again.

“Gavin likes to have his phone on him when he’s not being contacted, just in case someone contacts him.”

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