North Walians develop sudden South Walian accents

North Walians have developed South Walian accents overnight in BBC Wales’ new show Pitchin It.

The show features everyone except North Walians, where the show is set.

A spokesman for the show said:

“We originally had Gogs here acting but everyone thought that they were from Liverpool. We decided to give everyone a more generic Welsh accent – like something from down south. Everyone loves and recognises a South Walian accent. We also brought in some English actors to make up the numbers. Then we were going to do a gag about them walking into a pub and all the Welsh-speakers suddenly talking Welsh but we didn’t know what they were saying so we knocked that on the head.”

The new TV show features some famous faces and some not-so-famous faces.

“We’re hoping to do ten series of this so just bear with us,” said the spokesman.