North Wales Schools To Get State-of-the-Art Computers Two Months After Getting Electricity

Schools in north Wales are set to get new state-of-the-art computers to help educate them about Information Technology.

Seven schools in Pwllheli are set to take delivery of BBC Micro computers, which local councils insist, will help develop a healthy interest in technology.

Headteacher Brian Bighead told WalesOnCraic:

“This comes two months after we were connected to the National Grid so we are delighted. It means that our students will now be equipped with the best equipment available for the new digital age. I’ve been down to Kwik Save to buy them some blank tapes so that they can save anything that they might do on them.”

But critics have pointed out that students may use them for other, less educational purposes.

Rita Drygusset said:

“We’ve heard all about these so-called computers. I’ve also heard that people can play games on these things and that’s not going to teach anyone anything. I think we should go back to the quill, which has served us well over the last 200 years.”

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