North Korea to work with local committee to bring back Barry Carnival

A contingent from the North Korean government is to work with a local committee to bring back Barry Carnival.

The annual event was once a highlight in the town’s summer calendar but went tits up after the route was restricted. Barry Carnival Committee are to work with the North Koreans on bringing back the popular parade.

A spokesman from Barry Carnival Committee said:

“Those North Koreans really know how to put on a show. Watching them on the telly reminds me of the good old days when Dow Corning would go all out on their floats. Over the years, it all went to shit and that was that. We’ve spoken to the North Koreans who’ve said that they’re happy to work with us on bringing back Barry Carnival. We’ll be looking to run the Carnival in July so as not to coincide with them nuking the US. Hopefully, we’ll have some local companies on board and then we can all go down to Romilly Park and get shit-faced like we used to in the olden days.”

A spokesman for North Korea declined to comment on the development.

Image: Uri Tours

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