North Korea to ‘arm Welsh nationalists for invasion of England’

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is set to arm Welsh nationalists with nuclear weapons in their struggle against English imperialists.

The news comes as the nationalists failed to gain headway with their ‘Torch and Burn’ policy of holiday caravans in Trecco Bay.

A spokesman for North Korea told WalesOnCraic:

“The supreme leader, in his infinite wisdom, has declared a sense of kinship with the Welsh nationalists. His greatness has decided that he should arm the Welsh nationalists so that they too can defend themselves from Western crusades. He will be sending his nuclear warheads on Tuesday because that when he goes to the Post Office to pick up his allowances.”

A spokeswoman for the Welsh Nationalists Against Saes Plebs said:

“We are very grateful for Mr Un lending us some of his nuclear warheads. The English won’t know what’s hit them. We are planning to assemble these nuclear warheads atop of our Austin Allegro and send it over the border near Monmouth.”

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