No.10 denies Christmas party in Wetherspoons

No.10 has announced that no Christmas party was held in a local Wetherspoon on 10th December last year.

The Government has denied that any party happened on that day, and that party member Ethel Leathercrotch definitely did not snort coke off the bare arses of bar staff.

A spokesperson for Downing Street told WalesOnCraic:

“We did definitely not have a party on that day and we did definitely not get drunk. Furthermore, we definitely did not sing to ABBA until 3am and we did definitely not fall over the tables while trying to dance on them. Party members did definitely not snort coke off the bare arses of bar staff and we did definitely not accidentally set off the fire alarm. The police and fire service did definitely not attend and we definitely did not have horrendous hangovers the next day. This is all a lie, perpetuated by the communist party on the left.”

Police declined to say whether they attended the party because they were attending another party nearby.

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