Nimble Baking Extra Loaves to ‘Adorn Empty Supermarket Shelves When It Snows’

Bread-makers Nimble are baking extra loaves of bread to sit on empty supermarket shelves throughout the snowy weather.

British supermarkets traditionally leave loaves of Nimble bread on their shelves to indicate that the weather outside is snowy.

Nimble spokesman Jack Bee told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re received news from the Met Office that there is snow on the way. We pride ourselves on being the only loaves of bread left on shelves in snowy weather so the lads down at the bakery have been working their hairy arses off to make sure that this snowy episode is no exception. We hope to have all our loaves in store by tomorrow.”

Shopper Edith Bobblehat said:

“I can’t wait to go into store tomorrow and moan that the only bread left on the shelves is that Nimble shite. That and that shitty Danish shit.”

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