Nigel Owens Twitter Trolls To Get Free English Grammar Lessons

Twitter trolls targeting Welsh rugby referee Nigel Owens are set to get free basic English grammar lessons.

The news follows the latest troll to try and get his 5 minutes of infamy by tweeting ‘Your [sic] a gay’ after the dramatic match between England and France on Saturday.

Respected referee Owens played down the troll, but Twitter expert Donna SquareEyes told WalesOnCraic:

“Some of these teenagers appear to have left school without any basic sense of English grammar. They can’t even explain away their abuse as banter because we can’t read the shit they post. We’ve heard this morning that the Welsh Assembly are going to offer them some free English grammar lessons so they can get up to speed with the rest of us.”

But troll Craig Acne said:

“I don’t care what others say. I took ten minutes away from Minecraft to do some abuse yesterday and people gave me some attention. It’s because my parents don’t love me and I also don’t have a girlfriend. I find abusing people on Twitter gets me the attention I need. I’m wanting to lose my virginity some time soon if anyone out there can help. Thanks.”

And for the record:
Your is a possessive adjective, indicating ownership of something
eg. Where is your bellend? Is your bellend really that small?
You’re is a contraction (shortened version) of the words you and are
eg. You’re a bellend (ie you are a bellend)

The two are not interchangeable. Getting it wrong makes you look like a twat.

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