Nigel Owens throws hat into PM race

Rugby referee Nigel Owens has reportedly put his name forward to become the next British Prime Minister.

Reports suggest that Nige would do a much better job than the two cockwombles that are currently vying for the top job.

Sources told WalesOnCraic:

“We haven’t told you this but we was down the pub last night and my friend’s brother’s husband’s husband’s dog’s brother’s half-sister said that Nigel has put his hat into the ring at this late stage. We are delighted to hear this because Nigel would sort this country out in just a matter of weeks. None of this toff bollocks. Nige is the man to get the job done and get it done properly. My mate said that Nigel called Downing Street last night and told them in no uncertain terms that he has to be put forward. Apparently, they accepted. Nigel’s first job would be to bang some heads together – just for fun. After that, he’d go about making sure that everyone was doing what they was supposed to be doing and doing a proper job of it.”

WalesOnCraic contacted Nigel for a comment except we didn’t because it’s quite early and he’s probably having a lie-in.

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