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Newport taxi driver takes Barack Obama to CASTLE BINGO instead of CARDIFF CASTLE

A South Wales taxi driver has been left red-faced after taking Barack Obama to CASTLE BINGO instead of CARDIFF CASTLE.

Don Wetgussett, of Maindy, picked up the US President after a receiving a call from his boss to take Obama to the Castle for some food.

He told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d had a long day and it was the last fare of the day for me. Round here, the ‘Castle’, as in Castle Bingo, is the only place to be on a Wednesday night in Newport. So I heads to the Celtic Manor and this dude gets in dressed up like he’s going to some posh place. I tells him that he might be a bit overdressed as they don’t do Cashpots on Wednesday nights but he laughed it off. He was nice enough and left me a half decent tip.”

The US President was due to dine with other Heads of State at Cardiff Castle as part of the NATO Summit, but told WalesOnCraic:

“It was an easy mistake to make. I got out the cab and Michelle and I went in to the main hall, only to be given these jumbo dabbers by a large woman. She curtly told us to sit on our arses as quickly as possible as they were starting the Early Session. It was only when I had a call from David [Cameron], asking where I was, that I realised I was in the wrong place.”

Don has since been reprimanded by his boss, ‘Shady’ Glen Hobbs.

“Honestly, he’s thick as shit that one.” he told WalesOnCraic. “Wait till I get my hands on him.”

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