Newport man inserts USB memory stick right way round first time

A Newport man had the shock of his life when he inserted a USB memory stick the right way round on his first attempt.

Gwilym FourEyes, who wanted to remain anonymous, told WalesOnCraic:

“I couldn’t believe my [four] eyes. Usually, I take into account the time it takes inserting the USB the wrong way round, slowly taking it back out, and then inserting it the right way round. But this time, it went straight in no problem. The last time I had such a pleasant experience like this was when I pulled a girl in Wetherspoons and scored a hole in one when I got her in to bed. I don’t want my boss finding out that I inserted the USB the right way round or he’ll be asking me to make up the ten minutes I spent celebrating.”

Gwilym’s boss said:

“If he comes to me asking for a pay rise, he can fuck off.”

Gwilym hasn’t been able to repeat his remarkable feat since.

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