New species of Welsh dragon discovered in cave

A new species of dragon has been discovered in a Welsh cave.

The new dragon is only 3 inches long and can be fitted inside a matchbox.

Dragon expert Neil Hotbreath told WalesOnCraic:

“This new dragon is unlike any we’ve seen here before in Wales. We’re all used to the big red ones flying around and destroying villages but these new ones are very small and very delicate. We’re not sure what to call them yet. We were going to give it the name of the person who found him but he’s called Jeremy and that’s a stupid name. We’ll think of something nicer to call instead like ‘Small Dragon’. That seems to suit it better.”

Scientists found a whole flock of dragons living in the cave.

“There’s loads of them here. We thought that they were bats at first but when Jeremy went to catch one, he had his fingers burnt to a crisp so we realised that they were dragons.”

Scientists have now sealed off the cave to stop tourists from going in and stealing them.

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