New Sesame Street character to help explain Welsh ‘uniqueness’ to kids worldwide


Sesame Street is to introduce a new character to help explain the uniqueness of Welsh people to kids and ignorant adults.

Many of those living outside Wales are confused by words such as ‘cwtch’, ‘gopping’, and phrases such as ‘I’ll be there now in a minute’ and ‘he’s under the doctor’.

A spokesman for Sesame Street told WalesOnCraic:

“We are always looking to introduce new characters to our show and our new character Dai will help explain those to those living outside of Wales. He will also explain to Americans that Wales in NOT in England, and that not everyone knows Tom Jones. He will also talk in a funny accent that not many people will understand and subtitles will be provided for thickos who can’t understand him. Dai will help explain some quirks of the Welsh way of living – having half and half with your curry, why friends are called ‘butties’ and shit like that. We did try a similar thing once with a Scottish character but he kept headbutting everyone in the face and we had to let him go. We also had an Irish one but he couldn’t stop saying the phrase ‘To be sure, to be sure’ and we also had to let him go. Hopefully Dai will integrate well into the show.”

Dai will make his first appearance on the show in May to coincide with nothing in particular.

One of the fans younger fans, 7 year old Timmy ShineyDaps said:

“I’m looking forward to seeing Dai. I’m hoping that he’ll do some damage to Big Bird, like a broken leg or something. Never liked the big yellow bastard.”

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