New Series Of Stella Set To Contain More Usage of the Word ‘Presh’ Than Previous Series

The new series of Stella is set to contain more usage of the word ‘presh’ than all previous three series.

The popular Welsh show makes a welcome return to our screens on Friday 6th February. And fans are already setting their Sky+ boxes to record the show so that they can hear Ruth Jones say ‘presh’ in every scene.

Fan Dave Bigtoes told WalesOnCraic:

“I loves it when Stella says presh. It’s my most favourite thing in the whole world. My fantasy is to come home from work one day, find Stella in my kitchen, and for her to say “Want a cup of tea presh? I love her.”

But other fans are concerned that the show is set to clash with Wales beating England in their opening game of this year’s Six Nations.

Gareth Bonkeye said:

“I can’t miss the rugby AND Stella so I’m putting two tellies in my room so I can watch them together. Oh and Corrie’s on. Bollocks. That’s three tellies I’m going to need.”

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