New series of Stella to contain record number of ‘preshes’

The new series of Stella is to contain a record number of the word ‘preshes’.

The popular series, renowned for its regular catchphrases of ‘cocking’ and ‘presh’ is currently being filmed in the valleys.

A spokeswoman said:

“We can’t get enough preshes in our shows but we’ve come up with a record number of them for our next series. We’ve worked our way around this by getting every character in the show to say it. We’ve got an inside joke where we try and cram it in as many times as we can into a sentence. Viewers will be in for a treat for our next series, especially if they like the word ‘presh’ and ‘cocking’, which is what everyone up here in the valleys say all the time.”

One Stella fan said:

“I loves Stella I does. I loves it when that scruffy woman says the word ‘cocking’ – I turn the telly up really loud when she does. I also like it when Stella says the word ‘presh’ too. I don’t like her saying that as much as I do the scruffy woman saying the word ‘cocking’ so I keeps the telly the same volume when Stella says the word ‘presh’ but turns it up when the scruffy woman says the word ‘cocking’, like I said earlier.”

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