New Samsung Galaxy S8 comes with Welsh virtual assistant called Blowdwen

Samsung’s new flagship smartphone is set to come with a Welsh virtual assistant called Blodwen.

Users can ask her anything you want and she’ll start each reply with the phrase, “I’m not gonna lie to you…”

A spokesman for Samsung said:

“Our new phone is at the cutting edge of technology but we do like users to feel as if they have a friend in their pockets. Apple did it with Siri but we’ve not quite yet nailed it. We thought we’d use a Welsh girl because everyone loves a Welsh girl. All you need to do to speak to her is buy her lunch and tell her she’s beautiful. You can ask her what the weather’s going to be (she’s present with 49 different rain settings), what time the rugby starts and how much the Severn Bridge is before you even set out back from England. We think our users will really like Blodwen, who is based on a real-life Welsh girl called Blodwen.”

Welsh tech guru Geraint ‘Speccy Speccy’ FourEyes, said that the new phone was a great development. He said:

“The phone is a great development. I’m hoping to take Blodwen to bed with me every night because I’m sad like that.”

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