New rugby laws will see a complete ban on tackling

Rugby authorities have announced that they are to make the game safer by banning any form of tackling.

Players will need to touch an opposing player with their hand and shout ‘Mob’ instead of tackling the player.

Lenny Longlegs of the World Rugby Committee told WalesOnCraic:

“We are always looking at ways to make the game safer and as most injuries occur in the tackle area, we thought it prudent to stop all this tackling nonsense. Players will have to chase each other and shout ‘Mob’ when they touch an opposing player from now on. The ban on tackling shouldn’t affect some of the players I’ve been watching lately as they can’t tackle for shit. We are also currently looking at banning any form of running too as some players do hurt themselves if they try and run too hard. We had one here run so fast that his legs came off. That’s what we’re looking to clamp down on.”

The new laws will come into effect in time for the Rugby World Cup.

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