New Port Talbot mural is NOT the work of Banksy

banksy port talbot

A new mural that has appeared on a Port Talbot garage overnight is not the work of artist Banksy.

Experts say that the new artwork on a garden wall is instead the work of a local man obsessed with titties.

Art curator Janice Dryflaps told WalesOnCraic:

“We had a call from a Port Talbot resident first thing this morning. She told us that she thought Banksy had been around her house overnight so we forewent our Coco Pops and rushed down there. We were hoping to find another masterpiece but were instead faced with a giant pair of tits. We did some further investigation and discovered that the new mural was possibly done by the resident’s neighbour, who has a habit of spray painting tits onto all kinds of things. The police were informed and then we went back for our Coco Pops.”

John Breasticle, who was arrested and later released by police said:

“I loves titties. They’re all big and soft and lovely. But this wasn’t me.”

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