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New iPhone X to come pre-smashed to save you the bother

Apple’s new iPhone X will come with a pre-smashed screen to save users the bother of doing it themselves.

iPhone users will no longer have to wait 3 weeks to get their smashed screens, say industry bosses.

Apple boss Gerry Polarneck said:

“We all wait for that momentous day when we smash our iPhone screens but we’re a company that likes to keep one step ahead. Bearing that in mind, we’re sending out all our new phones with their screens already smashed, saving our users valuable time in getting around to smashing theirs. We’ve paid a few lads from Terherbert to stand in our factories with hammers, smashing them all as they go past on the conveyor belt. We think that this is the most authentic iPhone to date and we hope to make billions from that, combined with our tax-dodging activities.”

iPhone user Sally Twatt said:

“I’ve smashed every screen of every iPhone I’ve ever had and to have it already smashed is amazing. I camped out all night long to get mine and I love it.”

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