New Gym Machine Helps Increase Membership

A new range of machines is proving very popular at a Caerphilly gym.

The ChocMaster machine, that was installed last week, has been responsible for a 200% rise in membership at the Chubby Chappies Workhouse.

Manager Jim Wondergunt told WalesOnCraic:

“We only installed this machine last week and already we’ve had half the village down here. The machine itself is great – it serves up KitKats, Snickers bars, and even King Size Mars bars. It also dispenses full-fat Coca-Cola to refresh you if you’ve been working hard getting a Bounty down your neck. We will be looking to install more machines like this over the coming weeks.”

Gym-goer Tracy TurboTits said:

“It’s great. I can come here straight after working in Greggs and get myself something tasty for tea. Once I get home then, I don’t even have any washing up to do. I love it.”

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