New ‘DaiPhone’ comes with secret 5G tech and tracking device installed


The latest model of the DaiPhone has been rumoured to include secret 5G technology and even a tracking device, according to inside sources.

Members of the public are being warned not to take the new device in case it infringes their rights.

Technology expert Darren Dupper told WalesOnCraic:

“I’d urge caution with the new DaiPhone. We all know that Big Brother is secretly trying to keep an eye on us and some of the lads that work in the DaiPhone factory told me that they’re installing secret 5G tech, which we all know causes serious illness. Worse still, they’re also sticking in secret tracking devices, which will allow people to track all our movements. We are worried that the Government is forcing this on us and will infringe on our human rights.”

The new DaiPhone, called the DaiPhone 13, will come packed with a new host of features, such as a clock, an alarm and will even be able to take pictures. Users will also be able to make telephone calls on it.

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