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Nation’s disappointment as politicians voted back into power

The UK has woken up to the disappointing news that politicians have once again been voted back into power.

In Wales, tens of thousands of people flocked to polling stations to vote politicians into power, a scene reflected across other parts of the UK.

One voter told WalesOnCraic:

“There was a big queue outside my local church hall so I joined it thinking it was a coffee morning. The next thing I know, I’m faced with a ballot paper and a pencil. I had not choice but to stick a big X down on the paper and the next thing I know, there’s a bunch of politicians back in power. That’s the last time I ever head out down to Kwik Save for some sprouts on a Thursday. I’m going to get them delivered next time.”

Politicians all over the UK are now settling into their new roles. One said:

“My first and by far my most important course of action is to set up my expenses account. I’ve kept all my receipts from my campaign and I’ll be looking to claim them back forthwith.”

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