Mutant Stowaways Surprise Posh Rich Couple From Cardiff

A posh Cardiff couple returning home from day out the Rhondda Valley were stunned to see a gang of mutant stowaways emerge from under their motorhome.

Chris and Chris Muggins were alerted to the gang of stowaways when friends following their Swift Bolero saw twelve legs, twenty one arms, a woman with three eyes and fat bloke in a wheel chair sticking out underneath it. The couple had only driven from the top end of the Rhondda to Pontypridd.

Chris (the female one) told WalesOnCraic:

“There were loads of them, each one uglier than the next. By God there must be some in-breeding going on in their families.”

The couple had driven for nearly two hours straight before they stopped and the gang started to appear.

Chris (the male one) said:

“I didn’t stop once throughout our journey, not even at red lights or at junctions, except when I had to. Suddenly, I looked at the side and I could see a creature with one large eye and no teeth walking along the hard shoulder – I turned to Chris and said ‘Bugger me. I wouldn’t like to see him in a dark alleyway.’ The next thing – his whole family appeared from where we keep the spare wheel. Like dead zombies they were. Sorry. I need a drink.”

There is now a renewed concern about illegal immigration from the Rhondda area into Cardiff and vice versa. There have been calls by politicians to use steel fences used in the NATO to stop people from the valleys entering the capital illegally.

“I almost shat myself.” said Chris (the female one, herself not particularly blessed with good looks)

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