Mother still trying to adjust to British Summer Time

A mother of three has told WalesOnCraic how she is struggling to adapt British Summer Time.

Clocks went forward an hour on the weekend, and has left Sheila WideGirth all arse-about-face.

She told WalesOnCraic:

“I know it was just one hour but it’s put everything out of place. I’m thinking it’s time to have some lunch and then I realise that it’s nearly teatime. I go to bed and realise that I’ve only got 6 hours sleep instead of seven. It doesn’t help that I haven’t changed any of my clocks in my house and to be honest, it’s making me all of a doo-dah. I think it’s likely to take me 6 months or so to get used to it.”

Sheila’s husband Keith said:

“I caught her getting up at 5am thinking it was 10am. I really think these clocks going forward have messed with her head. She even told me she loved me yesterday and she hasn’t done that since she last wanted to sit on my face. I’m thinking of calling the doctor if things don’t improve soon.”

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