Most Talented Person In Britain Is A Dog


A dog is officially the most talented person in Britain after winning £250,000 on Britain’s Got Talent.

The dog, called Matisse, did a few tricks to wow the audience, but avoided dragging its arse across the stage as most dogs on carpets across the UK.

Matisse told WalesOnCraic:

“Yeah obviously I went out there today to give it 100% and fair play to the lads, they went out there and gave it 100%. Obviously, we’ll take the positives from this performance and obviously, all credit to the other side, they went out there to win, and obviously, all credit to them. But I told the lads before the game, go out there and enjoy yourselves and that’s what they did and all credit to the other team…yeah… oh. And I’ve won quarter of a million. Fancy a pint?”

BGT boss Simon Cowell praised the dog for being so talented.

“What can I say? Apart from the best person won it?”

Wales’s hopes were pinned on an entire town of 600 people. They came third because they weren’t as talented at the dog.