Ministers confirm that 25% of 33% of over-90s may have had 79% of their vaccine (or may not)


Welsh ministers have confirmed that 25% of 33% of over-90s may have had vaccine (or may not).

Ministers were keen to stress that of the 76% of the 25% of the 33%, some of those might have had the vaccine but are still waiting for 100% of the data before clarification.

One spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“We’re not too sure of what’s going on right now. I was told that 45% of the over 100’s had possibly had 50% of something but I’m not quite sure what that something was because 97% of those who didn’t turn up, didn’t turn up because they never got to a vaccine centre. Of those who haven’t had 30% of their vaccine, 52% said that they were thinking of a 30% possibility that they wouldn’t come back. It was also a bit snowy, with a 40% of precipitation, which put some of the old farts off coming. We’re 29% sure however, that we are 75% certain. “

Ministers said added that it will be a few days before they can say any more on the matter because they are 67% not sure of what they’re doing.

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