Mickey Rourke To Play Part of Terry Wogan In Gay Rugby Epic

After dropping Gareth Thomas and moving the story to Ireland, Mickey Rourke is set play Terry Wogan in his long-awaited gay rugby movie.

Rourke moved the story to Ireland after said that Americans ‘won’t get Wales’. He told WalesOnCraic:

“Americans have never heard of Wales, but they have heard of Ireland so we’re going to set the story there. They’ve also never heard of rugby so we’re going to change the sport to American Football. They’ve also never heard of the word ‘gay’, so we’ll be dropping the word in there somewhere along the line. The story will now revolve around a serial killer who has to be caught by cops. I’ll play Terry Wogan because I can do an Irish accent, although I’ve never really heard of him. As for the rugby – we’re still working on that.

Rourke decided to play the part of Wogan after producers told him that CGI wasn’t advanced enough yet to allow him to play the part of a 30 year old killer.

Producer Buck Smiley told WalesOnCraic:

“Sure the son-of-a-bitch wants to play the rootn’ tootn’ part of a younger guy but hey man, even here in Hollywood, we can’t stretch to that.”

The film will have a happy ending when the main characters have a snog while the police arrive in the background.

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