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Mexico decides it wants a wall after all


Mexico has officially announced that it would like a wall to separate it from the US after all.

Canada has also stated that it too would like a wall along its border with the US.

Mexican politician Juan Diréction told WalesOnCraic:

“After initially deciding that we didn’t want a wall, we have decided that it’s in our country’s interest to do so. We’re happy to pay for it and we’d like it to be 20ft tall please. We saw on TV earlier this week that walls can be climbed over so we’d also like it to be electrocuted to stop anyone trying to get into our country. Anyone attempting to cross the wall will be bashed over the head with a large stick.”

Canadian authorities also expressed their desire for a border wall.

“Sure. We’d like to cut ourselves off as much as we can. The last thing we need is anything to do with the US.”

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