Mexicans to pay for Swansea’s £1.3bn tidal lagoon

The Welsh Government has announced that Swansea’s new tidal lagoon will be paid for by the Mexicans.

The new tidal lagoon will include a betting shop, a new Kwik Save store and a Cash Generator shop.

A spokesman told WalesOnCraic:

“We’ve learned a lot from the new President-elect on how to do things. We thought we’d build ourselves a nice big lagoon so that we can do some nice fishing trips in the summer. We got a quote from a guy who told us it’d be £1.3bn which we thought was a bit steep. Then we hit on the idea that we could get the Mexicans to pay for it. They seem to be in line to pay for a lot of things these days so they’ve obviously got the cash. We are thinking of asking whether they’d like to pay Lisa Scott-Lee to open the lagoon because we’ve always thought that she was a hottie.”

The government made the announcement of the lagoon yesterday, but admitted that it may just be fence in parts.

“Our plans are very exciting but we realise the limitations of what we can achieve. We also understand that we’ll be changing the landscape of the Swansea coastline forever but you voted us in so you can only blame yourselves if you’re not happy with it.”

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