Met Office issues Wheelie Bin warning for Wales as Storm Ellen hits

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning of wind for Friday and has advised the people of Wales to secure their wheelie bins.

The arse end of Storm Ellen is due to arrive in Wales on Friday, potentially causing damage to patio chairs and small plant pots.

A spokeswoman from the Met Office said:

“Storm Ellen will be lumbering into Wales on Friday, just as we’re getting our arses out of bed. Winds are likely to get quite stiff (oo-er missis) and we do expect some property to get damaged. We are advising all residents of Wales to make sure that their wheelie bins are fastened down. We had some people ignore this advice last time we had a storm and some people found that their wheelie bins had moved during the storm. We even had one dickhead who found his wheelie bin on the roof of his house but we suspect that he put that there so he could get into the local newspapers.”

Winds are expected to get quite windy throughout the day on Friday. That’s a technical term by the way.

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