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Meaningless statistics increase by 17.4%

Meaningless statistics have increased by 17.4%, a 5.6% increase on last year’s statistics.

The new figures show that there are now 17.4% meaningless statistics than there were four years ago.

Frankie BoggleEyes, Chief Statician at the Institute of Statistics and Numbers and Stuff told WalesOnCraic:

“This is a big increase in meaningless statistics, especially bearing in mind the statistics we’ve been looking at for the last few months. Many factors have come into play – things like the price of Freddo bars and stuff. If this increase is reflective of what’s likely to come in the future, we’ll be seeing more meaningless statistics being published in the future. It’ll certainly keep us on our toes – we haven’t seen an increase in meaningless statistics like this since the last rise of meaningless statistics.”

BoggleEyes was quick to point out that the figures should be take in context of other meaningless statistics:

“We should take this increase in meaningless statistics in context with other statistics so that I can stay in a job.”

The case continues tomorrow.

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