MC Hammer’s wife cuts short McArthur Glen visit after he stops her from touching anything

MC Hammer’s wife Glenda has cut short a visit to McArthur Glen after her husband stopped from touching anything.

Glenda, 52, was in McArthur Glen looking for a good deal on Clark’s shoes as she is going on holiday next month. She told WalesOnCraic:

“Me and MC are off to Majorca next month so I thought we’d head to McArthur Glen to see if we could get him some cheap shoes and possibly a new suitcase. Sadly though, the stupid arsehole just kept telling me not to touch anything and we had to leave early. I’m going to have to get something from the catalogue now. He just doesn’t think. He just comes out with ‘You Can’t Touch This’ bollocks everywhere we go and it’s doing my head in to be honest.”

Glenda chose McArthur Glen because of its great everyday savings on recognised brand names.

“I was hoping to get some comfy shoes for the flight over there but I’ve come away empty handed now.”

MC Hammer, whose real name is Stanley, rose to fame in 1990 with his hit ‘U Can’t Touch This’ in case you’re a pleb and don’t get the joke.

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